It was in the spring of 2003 when we met our two toddler boys for the very first time. The nervousness we felt the night before meeting them for the first time, was paralysing. We knew this was the biggest life changing moment in our lives - going from zero to two children overnight. At this pivotal point, we found ourselves going through the motions of suddenly questioning absolutely everything:

- were we doing the right thing?

- were we truly ready/equipped?

- what if the children did not like us or settle?

- would we make good parents etc….?

Weeks before we met the boys be had to prepare and provide a small photo album for each of them, along with an item of our clothing. The albums would hopefully help familiarise the boys to our faces and the clothing for our scent. We had a lot riding on this technique delivering, what it was meant to!

The introduction schedule consisted of five consecutive half day visits. The visits were to take place at the Foster Carer’s house. The visits were centred around the boy’s meal, bedtimes, and bathing times.