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10th Anniversary

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Learn more about how our swimwear is designed specifically for anyone who struggles with incontinence issues.


Kes-Vir Swimwear is designed to be

Functional, Stylish, Discreet and Comfortable

Those suffering incontinence shouldn’t have to be worried about being out in public. More so, they should be comfortable enough to enjoy the pool and summer water activities like everyone else. Our stylish, functional, and highly discreet swimwear is designed specifically for anyone who struggles with incontinence issues.

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About Us

Kes-Vir Swimwear is an innovative and versatile solution for those suffering from incontinence and related issues. With our stylish swimwear, you can have the peace of mind while you enjoy the water that any accidents will be taken care of, discreetly.

What People Say

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About the

Men's Jellyfish Board Shorts

These jellyfish board shorts are a pleasant change from the usual swim shorts. The colour is lively without being too vibrant, and the design is great.


About the

Girl's Halterneck Swimsuit

 It is wonderful to be able to dress my daughter in a normal looking swimwear, even though it is much more than normal swimsuit.


About the

Boy's Wrap Shorts

This is our third pair and we love the way they look. The fabric is gorgeous, they hang nicely and they're easy to put on because of the buttons and the tie up inner section. 

New Products

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