Our Adoption Process Begins

The sheer excitement felt was undefinable, as we finally embarked on our adoption journey, knowing there had to be some resolve this time around. Unfortunately, for us it possessed a somewhat lengthy timeline, almost two years in total - from registering to finding a suitable profile match.

Registering to adopt

Even going back 20 years there were some choices on offer, as to the adoption path you undertook, whether adopting from abroad or from right here in the UK. We were extremely apprehensive about adopting from abroad, therefore for us, it was an easy call to our local authority to discover what the process entailed. There were other adoption agencies around at that time, but the internet was not as resourceful back then. So, we opted for what we thought was the best, safe option. As soon as we registered, we received a prompt visit from a couple of senior social workers. They noted our basic details and advised us to enrol onto a 6-week Adoption Awareness Course, which was deemed compulsory.