Updated: Feb 26

I would like to say it's something ‘you just know’ but the reality for many couples will be quite different. Before even thinking about adoption, unfortunately, many will experience one crossroad after another, confused and uncertain whilst they contemplate a multitude of factors. Questioning and deliberating at different junctures in their lives. Here is some of the more common challenges faced:

  • - Should we continue trying to conceive naturally? How long for?

  • - Remain as a couple, with no children.

  • - Should we try a fertility treatment?

  • - How many unsuccessful IVF attempts can we endure?

  • - How will the birth children (if any) cope with us adopting?

  • - Could we cope with birth parent contact?

  • - Are we prepared to be flexible on the age of the child/children, as a baby may not be an available option?

For us our decision came down to one flippant comment and this altered our lives forever!