About Us

Kes-Vir Swimwear is attractive and innovative swimwear for anyone suffering from incontinence or related health issues. Designed specifically for incontinence sufferers, out swimwear is fashionable, adjustable, and discreet. Our products help people get back to swimming with confidence and ease.


We carry several different designs for both adults and children that are stylish and fashionable. The innovative design is adjustable and versatile to suit the customer’s needs.


Thanks to the high quality of the swimwear, no one would ever know the practical nature of the clothing. This provides the wearer the confidence and peace of mind where ever you go, public or private pools, or while venturing into the great blue sea.

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What Makes Our Swimwear Different



Waterproof Briefs

Specially made to contain bowel movements

Adjustable Leg &

Waist Cuffs

A secure fit to prevent any leakages

Wrap Around Styles

Suited for individuals with limited movement

Stylish Swimwear

No need to worry about the swim brief showing

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Integrated Waterproof Briefs

Every swimwear in our range has a waterproof swim pant made from a breathable PU coated polyester. We took our time to find the perfect fabric for this swimwear: one that does its job, is highly durable, and easy to wash.

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Adjustable Leg and Waist Cuffs

Many of our swimwear have separate adjustable leg and waist cuffs creating a secure fit for any body shape. To us the mechanism for the legs and waist cuffs was one of the most important parts to get right. The mechanism had to be easy to adjust, easily accessible, and discreet. We chose the below style as we felt it checked all the requirements on our list.

New Adjustment Style
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Side View

Top view

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Wrap Around Styles

Our wrap around styles are a great option for individuals with limited movement. The style lays out flat and you are able to dress the individual without the need for them to move. We felt with this style we needed the fastenings to be simple and there to be as few as possible, so that putting the swimwear on was not a long process. But once on, it needed to look stylish.

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Stylish Swimwear

We saw that many of the styles out there looked clinical and we wanted to create something that felt stylish, but could do the same thing as the clinical-looking swimwear and more. Our designer, Daksha Mistry, has worked tirelessly to create beautiful designs, effortlessly hiding the swim brief.

Celebrating 10 Years

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary of Kes-Vir Swimwear, we thought we’d interview the designer and ask how the journey began. We showcase her products, her toughest times, and where she strives to go next.