Welcome to Kes-Vir(TM) Swimwear website.

My name is Daksha Mistry. I started Incy Wincy Swimstore in 1996, when I saw there was a gap in the market for incontinence swimwear.

In 2010 Kes-Vir(TM) Swimwear was born.

Kes-Vir™ Incontinence Swimwear was designed to provide that extra versatility required. I also wanted the swimsuit to be fashionable as well as functional. The other aim was to provide adjustability, especially around the girth of the upper leg and around the waist, where snug fitting is crucial – to prevent leakage.
It has taken over two years for my idea to become reality. I hope to continue and create new and better designs for children and adult. The aim is to make each swimsuit discrete yet functional.
We have exhibited our swimsuits at various exhibitions and healthcare conferences and received very good feedback, about Kes-Vir (TM) Swimwear, from customers  such as Occupational therapists, incontinence advisors, physiotherapist and other professionals.

In May 2012, I entered my four styles of swimsuit for the Joint ACA & Promocon ‘Look Good Feel Good’ Award at the ACA & Promocon Conference in Brighton.  To my surprise, Kes-Vir(TM) Boy Wrap Swim Shorts received 2nd prize and Kes-Vir(TM) Girl’s Halter-neck Swimsuit received 3rd Prize for the LGFG Award.  I have also liased University College of London and University of Southhampton in their research into incontinence and incontinence products.

In 2012, I developed the very popular Men’s Swim Short with the same adjustable concept and Ladies Sash Swimsuit.  The Ladies swimsuit has evolved into Ladies Skirt/Sash Swimsuit. As an ongoing process in improving each style, I research into better fabrics and accessories for my swimwear.